Services and Pricing

Total Package Detailing in Appleton, Wisconsin is the only name to remember when it comes to auto detailing and hand car washes. We offer comprehensive packages at prices you can afford, you also never have to leave home. We come to your house and do it onsite. Ask us what is best for your car!

Smart Quick Detail Time required: Up to 1 hour

Small ($49.99), Large ($59.99)

Everything in the Hydro Smart Wash Plus 

  • Full Interior Vacuumed
  • Dash/Console Wiped Down and dressed
  • Interior Windows Cleaned

Inception Detail (Price Starts at $159.99).


  • Full Interior Detail

Which includes, carpet shampooing, seat                      cleaning/shampooing and all crevices and crannies are cleaned and scrubbed with a variety of brushes by hand to ensure the highest cleanliness. Every single thing in the interior is cleaned, even the spare tire! We also apply a leather lotion which is massaged in by hand on leather surfaces and a leather protectant as well.
  • Interior Protectant Applied via a paint gun which makes it perfectly sheen and non greasy. 
  • Door Jams Detailed
  • Inner and Outer Rim Cleanse

  • Swirl-Free Sticky Soap Foam Lance Outer Wash
  • Hand Dry/Crevices Blown Out
  • Inner and Outer Window Cleanse
  • Hydro Shine Silica Sealant (Produces a really high shine and protection that lasts for one month to all exterior surfaces)
  • Turnaround time: 1 day or less 

Plus Detail (Price Starts at $299.99)


Everything in the Inception Package plus the following
  • Engine Bay Detail
Triple stage decontamination which includes the following. This will remove fallout, ferrous iron, tar, rail dust, brake dust and other residues. The dual stage decontamination process is better then a clay bar process that most shops use.  
  • Iron x Ferrous Iron Remover Paint/Glass Decontamination
  • Nano Scrub Decontamination (Better then a clay bar)
  • Machine All In One Compound and Polish used, to remove some light scratching and swirls, and create clarity. 
  • 6-Month Paint Sealant Applied: This High quality paint sealant  produces a long lasting, high gloss shine on your paint finish. Amino functional polymers resist UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely for up to 6 months. 
  • Machine Window Polish, Machine Window 6-Month Sealant 
    • Turnaround time: 1 day or less

Pinnacle Detail (Price Starts at $1600.00)   


Everything in the Plus and Inception detail plus the following 

We offer 2 different coatings to choose from
- Gtechniq EXO  (Lasts up to 2 years)
- GTechniq Crystal Serum (Lasts up to 5 years)

This is a custom detailing. Every vehicle is a little bit different and requires custom care for perfection. We can tailor this package specifically for you. 
  • Rims Removal, Inner and Outer Rim Cleanse
  • Rims Decontamination, Polish (Inner and Outer),  5-year Ceramic Coat 
  • Suspension Cleanse
  • Caliper Cleanse, Polish, 5-Year Ceramic Coat EXCELLENT on Brembo style brake calipers!
  • Multi-Stage Machine Compound and Polish Paint/85-95% Correction (Depending on Vehicle)
  • 5- Year Ceramic Paint Coating Applied on Painted Exterior Surfaces
  • Interior Fabric Protections. 
  • Turnaround time: 1-3 days NOTE: An evaluation of all vehicles must be performed prior to service. 

Hydro Smart Wash 

Small ($20.00), Large ($30.00) Time required: 30 minutes 

  • Full hand Exterior Wash
  • Inner/Outer Rim Cleanse
  • Swirl-Free Sticky Soap  Outer Wash

  • Hand Dry/Crevices Blown Out
  • Hydro Seal Silica Sealant
  • Tires Dressed

Promos and Discounts

As if low prices aren’t enough, we give a 10% discount on all transactions to nonprofits. We also have a Smart Wash Loyalty Program for our valued clients. Get in touch with us for details.