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Rock Chip Repair

Time required 1.5-3 hours

Starting at $75

Those pesky rock chips are making your car look old and beat up. Not to mention, depending on how deep the chip is, you can have rust start to form in them. Total Package Detailing is a certified Dr. ColorChip installer and provides permanent chip repair on your vehicle, saving you hundreds if not thousands on body work. We can fix anything from one chip to several hundred chips on your vehicle. Unlike the pens you get at the dealership that leave blobs everywhere, this system blends the touch up paint into the actual paint so that it looks much, much better. 

Full Process

  • Remove all residues from chip area using a panel wipe. 
  • Fill chip with rust converter as needed. 
  • Fill chip with factory matched paint. We will ask you for your model year etc to order the exact paint. 
  • Blend with blending solution. 
  • Repeat as necessary to all the areas that require it. 

Due to the requirement of ordering your exact paint for this service, a 25% non refundable deposit is required.