Nano Ceramic Coating

Opting for ceramic coating and paint correction over traditional waxing is a transformative choice that offers long-lasting benefits. While wax provides temporary shine, ceramic coating establishes a robust shield against environmental factors like UV rays, dirt, and contaminants. This durable layer not only enhances gloss but also minimizes the need for frequent reapplication. Additionally, paint correction rectifies imperfections at a microscopic level, achieving a pristine surface that amplifies the ceramic coating’s effectiveness. In contrast, waxing lacks the longevity and comprehensive protection that ceramic coating and paint correction deliver, making them the ultimate choice for preserving your vehicle’s allure and value over time.

Paint Correction

Paint correction for cars comes in varying levels to address distinct imperfections. A single-stage correction targets minor surface defects, enhancing shine and clarity. Two-stage correction delves deeper, eliminating more moderate imperfections, swirls, and light scratches. For comprehensive restoration, a multi-stage correction goes even further, eliminating deeper scratches, swirls, and imperfections. Each level refines the paint’s appearance, but the extent of correction aligns with the level chosen. It’s a tailored approach that allows your vehicle to regain its original luster or achieve a flawless finish, depending on your preferences and the current state of the paint. Even new cars can be improved!

Rock Chip Repair

Elevate your car’s appearance from forgotten to unforgettable. Those rock chips that dot your paint? We’re masters at erasing them, rescuing your car’s allure and preventing the lurking threat of rust. But that’s not all – we’re your partners in preservation, ensuring a chip-free future. Our automated reminders guarantee regular rock chip checks, safeguarding your investment and keeping your vehicle pristine year after year. Step into a world where chips are history, and your car’s elegance is preserved for miles and years to come.


Steer clear of amateur hands or dreaded automated washes – your car deserves more. Our intensive yet budget-friendly exterior detail goes beyond the surface. Wheels, paint, and iron specks are meticulously revived. But that’s not all. Every package boasts top-tier enhancements: Gtechniq C2V3 Sealant, hot water indulgence, optional clay treatment and more. Elevate your car’s care from ordinary to extraordinary – because it’s more than just a car; it’s your pride on wheels.


Select Total Package Detailing for your needs as a certified GTECHNIQ and Gyeon Nano Ceramic Coating Specialist. Regardless of whether your vehicle is a pre-owned gem, a vintage beauty, or a brand-new arrival, our unparalleled professionalism is here to cater to you.

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Total Package Detailing’s expert team is poised to reclaim your precious time while transforming your car into a head-turning masterpiece. Our comprehensive services embrace every make and model, catering equally to brand-new showstoppers and rare collector’s editions. Each vehicle is granted the same meticulous care and unwavering attention to detail within our shop.

From pronounced swirls etching the paint to stubborn iron flecks and nagging little chips, we’ve encountered and conquered them all. The best part? We possess the expertise to mend every imperfection, backed by a track record of success. Your car’s transformation awaits – trust in us to make it flawless, remarkable, and truly unforgettable.


Imagine waking up and just driving you car. Dirt, debris, and water bead
flawlessly off your car. The open road is ahead and nothing is standing in
your way. You no longer need to worry about having to wax, because you
have a coating that replaces it for the next 9 years. The swirls and
scratches are gone, and it looks better than it did when you bought it.
Welcome to Total Package Detailing.

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“Our process changes the game, in a big way” - Matt

Waxing your car might earn you a few nods from the neighbors, but it’s a scene they’ve seen countless times. It’s time for your car to shine on a grander stage – at the local drive-in for a classic burger, amidst the camaraderie of a car club, or at the spotlight of a buzzing car show. Whether it’s a showstopper or your trusty daily driver, one problem remains constant.

You find yourself stuck in the driveway, locked in a time warp where car polishing seems eternal. The money spent on waxing supplies adds up, and let’s not even talk about the hours invested – 2, 4, 6, or longer? With the relentless need to protect against winter’s harsh elements, the cycle is unending.

Then, consider the hours poured into washing your car, determined to surpass the car wash’s lackluster shine. These challenges are real, and time is a luxury you can’t afford. Enter the game-changer: ceramic coating. A solution that transcends the past, enhancing paint hardness, swirl resistance, and an incomparable shine that makes wax pale in comparison. With a warranty guarding against avian and insect threats, it’s a safeguard against the unexpected. And it doesn’t stop at the paint – wheels, interiors, every corner can be fortified. So, say goodbye to driveway sessions and hello to effortless brilliance.


I can tell you everything about our process and why it’s unique – but I’d rather have you hear from our satisfied customers!

Total Package Detailing is here to help your car have the “just waxed” look - all the time without having to wax it all the time!