Nano Ceramic Coating

We clean everything. Everything. We start by removing the wheels – and finish this 23 step process with a fine tooth comb. Being a Certified GTechniq and Gyeon specialist means we take coatings seriously.

Paint Correction

Whether your car was just purchased from a dealership – and the paint has been unloved – we can help.

Rock Chip Repair

Chips make your car look forgotten – and deep chips can cause rust to form. A master of rock chip repair – we’ll save your car from expensive future body work.

Smart Wash

Don’t send your car through the hands of someone working a summer job. This is an intensive hand wash that deep cleans your wheels, paint, helps removes those iron specs – and all packages include Gtechniq C2V3 Sealant. 


As a GTECHNIQ and Gyeon Certified Nano Ceramic Coating Specialist, we can help! Whether your ride is used, vintage or new off the lot – we offer unmatched professionalism.










Our professional team is ready to help you get your time back – and get your car ready to turn heads.

We handle all makes and models of cars. Whether your pride and joy is fresh off the lot or a limited edition collectors car. We use the same care and attention to detail with any car in our shop.

We’ve seen it all – from deep swirls in the paint to iron flecks or little chips. The good news? We can fix it all – and we have the experience to back it up.


Imagine waking up and just driving you car. Dirt, debris, and water bead
flawlessly off your car. The open road is ahead and nothing is standing in
your way. You no longer need to worry about having to wax, because you
have a coating that replaces it for the next 9 years. The swirls and
scratches are gone, and it looks better than it did when you bought it.
Welcome to Total Package Detailing.

“Our process changes the game, in a big way” - Matt

Waxing your car gets a few head nods from the neighbors: it’s something they’ve seen before. It’s nothing new. Showing off means taking your car to one of our famous drive-ins for a burger or being able to join the local car club, or finally signing up for the local car show… That’s where the people are who want to admire you car in its full glory, and even if it’s not a show car and it’s just your new daily driver….

There is always the same problem.

You’re still stuck in the driveway polishing your car like it’s still 1960. You are spending money on waxing supplies, then how much time does it actually take to wax your car? 2 hours? 4 hours? 6 hours? And how often do you need to wax it to keep it looking pristine and protected? Every 1.5 months, especially with our bad rust causing winters. Then, how long does it take you to wash your car to a level above the car wash? These are all problems, and you don’t have the time for it. A ceramic coating fixes the problem, adds hardness to your paint, swirl resistance and shine that puts wax and sprays to shame, our warranty also covers your car should there be a bird or bug that tries to etch it and we can do your paint, wheels and even your interior with coatings.


I can tell you everything about our process and why it’s unique – but I’d rather have you hear from our satisfied customers!

We are here to help your car have the “just waxed” look - for up the life of your vehicle!