Premier Auto Detailing Shop and All Hand Car Wash

One of the Finest in the Business

Total Package Detailing in Appleton, Wisconsin is Fox Valley's premier automotive detailing service. We have remastered the art of car detailing to a retina blistering science and set the standard in automotive detailing expectation for Northeast Wisconsin. Call us today!

What Separates Us From Other Shops

Our team is the only all hand wash service provider and the only ceramic coater in the area. In addition, we are the lone shop that offers free loaner cars while yours is being detailed. In terms of quality, we are simply the best.

Top Products, Excellent Service

We strive to use the best products, tools, and techniques often found only in museums, as well as in exotic and show car detailing shops. A spa-like recovery for your car's interior and paint is what we provide. For us, it has always been quality over quantity.

It's a showpiece or it’s nothing. That's our game. This is why we use only the best brands in the market:


I just wanna say that these guys changed the look of my car completely. I've washed my car and hand washed it. Used clay bar on it and people never even knew it had a multi color metallic flake in the paint, and right after I got my car back from being detailed I met up with some of my car friends and they were like, "Your car has a metallic flake in it? I've never seen it before." I would definitely recommend these guys. They did a great job. Thanks a lot. When I need another detailing I'll be back again.

- Mike

These guys work miracles! Melted crayon in the seats, crayon on the interiors of the doors, now gone! Throughly impressed. Well worth the money. Cleaner than new and she's got 110,000 miles on her. Bringing my truck to them next! Thanks, Total Package! You make PDQ look like the fools they are!

- Ted

I'm very impressed. Picked up my Charger today. They did a very nice job. Real pros. Their total package plus is a good deal. The sparkles in my paint are back! They have my business for any detailing needs in the future!

- Breanne